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Our Story

Our journey began in 1970 when Chef Erich Wong’s father, Wong Wah YIP, started crafted noodles in a small stall called Yip Kee. Erich learned this art from his father and now, 53 years later this cherished skill will be passed down to his son, Everson Wong.

We’re thrilled to share this generations-old noodle-making expertise with you, our valued customers. Your satisfaction means everything to us.

We take joy in preserving the ancient art of crafting fresh noodles daily for our customers to relish with every slurp. Alongside, we’re also committed to exploring new flavours and textures, introducing you to exciting taste experiences while preserving the authenticity that defines our cuisine. We might even reintroduce some of Chef Erich Wong’s classic recipes.

We’re grateful for your continued support and seeing you enjoy our meals at YIP AU brings us immense happiness.

Thank you for allowing us to carry on this tradition and extend our culinary heritage in to the modern day.